One of the less controversial images from Jam Abelanet's book


Photos of naked women in provocative positions on the Paris Metro, featured in a new book, have sparked an investigation by rail authorities in France.

"Fantaisies Souterraines" includes fifty images of nude models sprawled across busy carriages, leaning out of windows and standing on platforms.

The photographer Jam Abelanet claims that all the shots – except one series – are genuine and were taken during the underground network’s opening hours, either early in the morning or late at night.

He has not revealed which photos have been altered, but French bloggers have claimed that an image of woman leaning head first out of the window of a moving carriage is almost certainly a montage of two different photos.

The RATP, which runs the Paris Metro, has asked Mr Abelanet to remove some of the photos from the book for fear of encouraging copycat stunts, a French newspaper reports.

An investigation has also been launched into how he was able to take the photos without alerting security staff.

Mr Abelanet was only challenged once during his photo sessions, receiving a 25 euro (£20) fine for crossing a safety barrier without permission.

All the models stripped off once they were inside the subway network to avoid arousing suspicion at station, he claims.

"The subway is a place that everyone knows by heart, but it is always represented in the same manner," Mr Abelanet said.

"To go and seek ignored aesthetics and to immortalise women’s bodies in their natural state was interesting."

Fantaisies Souterraines is being published in France this week.

(Daily Telegraph)

You can see more photos at:

For those of you who can read French, the photographer justifies his work:

Ce livre est un hommage au métro, à ces lieux si particuliers que tout le monde emprunte le matin pour aller au travail et à qui personne ne semble plus prêter la moindre attention.

À ces endroits qui peuplent le quotidien de millions de gens, mais où personne ne s'arrête jamais pour observer telle lumière ou telle architecture.

J'ai eu envie de mettre en scène ces nus dans le métro, afin de détourner ces lieux riches visuellement, mais tellement synonymes pour tous d'obligation et d'ennui.